Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This, That and the other Thing

In case you've been living under a rock, THIS happened:

That bitch of a storm Sandy spanked New Jersey leaving us in the dark and chill for four days, of which I’m not complaining since our house is still standing and we have not been displaced like so many others. Nor were we without power for over two weeks as so many others are and uncertain if they will ever be back in their homes. One of our friends had to evacuate his home in Ortley Beach and has not been able to even go back into the town.The damage in some areas here is unimaginable.

My guy and I ran around helping family & friends with issues like heat, firewood, generators, gas, roof leaks, etc etc as YOU DO in these circumstances. Watching people just dive in helping friends and strangers has been an incredible uplifting experience. We were all affected in different ways and knowing the human spirit can just rally to help each other, well, it made me feel grateful. Grateful to witness it, to be part of it and to know that people are still connected and not as apathetic as it seems sometimes. 

This storm wiped out swathes of the town where I lived for the first 13 years of my life and my husband and I lived the year we got married. it just broke my heart to see those images and hear from people who are devastated by this mess. A good friend's parents watched as flood waters devoured their entire first floor. Over 100 homes destroyed and more damaged. Lives totally disrupted.

Say a prayer for Union Beach please, they need all the help they can get as they rebuild. This is a small working class community on the shore that does not bring in tourist trade and seems to be largely ignored by the general media except as a footnote. They need help just as much as Seaside or other places. So please, if you are interested in donating, please read here for more info and where donations can be sent.

The K-8 school that serves the town was entirely flooded by over two feet of water and lost just about everything. There is an Amazon wishlist that ships the supplies directly. Please consider helping. This community is devastated.

Then THAT happened:

I’m thrilled that this team gets another four years. He’s cleaning up a mess that was precipitated by eight years of clusterfuckery by incompetents and it takes some time to fix that shit. Four years is barely a dent. I truly believe that following the ideology the other guy was trying to sell would have been a very bad decision. 

And on that very same night there was this other thing:

Member of the Board of Ed. J     n Twp
Votes Processed - Polling Place/Percent : 34/34 100.00%

Vote Count
- A             n
- M            r
- T             a
- Tracey      

I got my ass handed to me in the Board of Education reelection. It happens because that is the Democratic process. Someone usually has to lose. It was me this time. Am I disappointed? Sure. I think my time there has been productive and I've added value. There is always more to do when it comes to education. Over the past three years I’ve learned a hell of a lot, met some incredibly wonderful, smart, and dedicated people and had to deal with some asshats. No different than anywhere else actually. I’ve also learned that until a person gets involved and becomes part of the educational process, we are all just making assumptions on how it truly works. The bureaucracy of the NJ education system is…complicated. 

Campaigning, asking people to vote for me, going out to meet people at markets/convenience stores/events is...awkward. So while I hoped the networking I had done and the work I had put in would be enough, it clearly wasn’t, so I’ll be that involved parent that annoys everyone from the sidelines. Maybe I’ll try again next year, maybe not. That’s a question for later. 

But you know my name was on the same ballot as President Obama in my town so that’s a whole lot of awesome all by itself! Or it is to my nerdy brain and that’s all that matters.

There was also this other little nor'easter:

A foot of snow not two weeks after Sandy ran amuck. Bitch slapped by Mother Nature. HARD. No power again for days as heavy snow broke weakened trees and undid all the power line fixes. If winter keeps going on like this the kids will be in school until August. And the cold. It was 32 degrees the night after the snow storm and the marble tile in the not warm bathroom was like ice blocks on my toes in the morning. Who let me do THAT?? 

The dogs liked it while it lasted because two days later is was 63 degrees outside! 

Mother Nature needs some mood stabilizers.

Guys, someone should have warned me about the marble.


just being me said...

You didn't ask, I could have told you that the marble is friggin cold in the winter.
I'm really sorry that you lost the election, you deserved to win because you are so dedicated to the kids.
How cool is it that you have your name on the same ballot as Obama. did you save it. Silly me of course you did!

Megan Regnerus said...

Sounds like a very gracious election loss on your end...I can't imagine campaigning as you described it -- and I consider myself somewhat extroverted!

So glad your house wasn't dismantled by Sandy, and hope all of your friends affected are seeing improvements by now.

I too was happy about how the presidential election turned out. Merry Christmas!