Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Day Worth Celebrating

My brother in law Joe has a birthday coming up tomnorrow. He’s a special guy and I wish you all could meet him.

He’s a jokester and love to play pranks on his family. He delights in teasing my daughter, mostly I think because he gets to go home after he instigates her

He’s generous. His hobby is cars and he’ll willingly spend his spare time doing changing oil or replacing brakes not just for family but friends and his kid’s friends. My son gets his license this August and he’s already scouting our cars that will be safe and cost efficient.

He’s kind. He always has a kind word for someone, an ear for them and offers his time without a moments hesitation.

He’s funny. He likes to laugh and gets a kick out of jokes and gags and comedy. He always seems to find the lighter side of a situation.

He’s a dedicated family man. There is nothing more important to him that his family. He loves his wife and two sons and that slobbery goofball St. Bernard they have.

He's friendly and will happily engage in conversation with strangers where ever here goes. This is a trait that completely befuddles my sister and I as random discussions with strangers is not our forte.

He's handsome. He has these incredible soft chocolate brown eyes with long girly lashes and when I was very young, I had a little crush on him. See the he's a jokester section for why that was a brief infatuation.

He puts more into the world than he takes from it.

I’ve known him for what seems my whole life and continue to discover new interesting things about him.

His birthday is worth celebrating. Without this day, he wouldn’t be part of my life. He wouldn’t have fathered two wonderful young men. Without this day, he wouldn’t be married to my sister.

His birthday is worth cake and candles and confetti and laughter and love. I want him to remember that without his birthday the world would be missing a very very special man.

He finds it very difficult to celebrate birthday these days.

There’s no getting around the fact that every birthday that approaches is followed by the date his oldest son died of cancer. And even though I see the pain and loss he bears, I can’t imagine the emotional struggle these two days bring. He was always a Celebrator of Birthdays, making sure there was cake and a famly gathering. Since that awful time, he's wanted this day to pass as much quickly as possible. Can't fault him for that.

But what I hope he remembers is that his birthday is also a celebration and tribute of his son. Without his day, there would have been no Joey or Brian, those two wonderful boys he loves so much.

When I see Joe, I remember that it’s his sly humor that Joey shared.

I see the depth of love for his family that Joey learned from his parents and gave back to his own wife and children.

I see Joe’s commitment to others in Joey’s decision to join the Navy and Brian's choice of career.

I see Joe’s compassion reflected in the faces of both of his sons and know that he is an integral reason those angel faced boys grew into solid men who could and do stand for what they believe and live their lives giving back to the world.

Happy Birthday Joe, you are a prince among men. Never doubt that.

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