Thursday, August 20, 2009


Those aviator sunglasses you're currently sporting make me laugh out loud, because oh, they suit you so well. You’re damn proud of how cool they make you look and waste no time in telling us that. There's a cocky strut in your walk, a confident gleam in your eyes and a smirk on your face. Not to mention the wise ass comments that spill from your mouth with irritating, and amusing, regularity.

How is it possible you’re 14 now? Not just a teenage, but a high school freshman, talking about getting a part time job, so you can save for a car. A Car? Holy Hell! You were just scooting around the house in a walker, picking up the dog’s water bowl to drink out of, before we could stop you. You always had quick hands. I swear it was just yesterday.

Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago you decided to make scrambled eggs by yourself, in those brief few moments that your Dad took a shower, and dropped 4 eggs on the floor, mixed them all together and tried to eat them with your fingers? What? That was almost thirteen years ago? Not possible.

I seem to recall that just a few months ago you tried to put the peanut butter and jelly sandwich you were given for lunch into the VCR. The impulse behind that decision remains a mystery. Are you sure that was more then ten years ago?

Didn’t your Dad and I have to take you to the emergency room just last week, because when we told you not to jump on the bed, we neglected to mention that doing flips from the bed was off limits as well? And when you did that somersault, you cracked your forehead on the corner of the wall, resulting in a Harry Potter type scar on your forehead? That can’t have happened almost 8 years ago. We learned to be very specific in our instructions to you from them on, because if there is a loophole, you will find and exploit it.

Didn’t you fly down to Disney, by yourself, just yesterday, to meet up with us, after the all-star baseball team you were on got shut out of the play-offs? How can that have been three years ago already?

It was your first day of kindergarten, I swear it was, just days ago. When you bravely walked up the steps of the bus, took your seat and those magical hazel eyes of yours gazed over the edge of the window back at me, as the bus pulled away. And you’re little fingers waved good-bye.

These days you jump on your bike, head out with friends and have a busier social life than your Dad and me. You’re phone is constantly buzzing with a new text message from friends making plans. Plans you prefer to engage in before all the chores are done, of course. A guy has his priorites after all.

You’re excited about the upcoming wrestling season and have started working out again in preparation. Really, you just want to flash those abs you’ve got going at all the young girls you’re bound to encounter on the cruise next week.

Because girls are so on your radar now! While that thought puts a shiver of terror in my brain, with the kindness that breathes through your soul, the generousness of your heart and those unbelievable magic eyes that swirl with iridescent color, you will find yourself surrounded by them. I’m not sure I can survive this.

You are in constant motion, except when sleeping and eating. And you eat, and eat, and eat and eat. Where it all goes, I have no clue, because you look like we don’t feed you, but I swear you grew two inches in the past week.

You are our firstborn and gave us the gift of parenthood. With you in our lives, our hearts grew ten times more.

Happy 14th Birthday, Ace. You are the Dude

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just being me said...

Yes, he is the Dude. A cute one too!!!!